The 'RLt' - Who will benefit?

The 'RLt' saddle is designed for time triallers, road racers, competition riders and triathletes... essentially those who are looking for more performance whilst at the same time wanting reduced perineal pressure.

Unlike the R2, the RLt is very firm, but this is necessary in order to reduce loss of energy when cycling whilst maintaining its distinctive, all-too-important shape under serious riding conditions.


You are a serious aero-position road rider, time trialler, competition rider or triathlete who is beginning to tire of residual perineal numbness and saddle soreness recovery periods after arduous rides. The RLt is your remedy.


Likewise, you don't like the way you tend to slip back and forth on your existing saddle when applying more force to the pedals, such as when going up inclines. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how the RLt negates this problem.


Are you already a convert to the R2  but  are now wanting a firmer, lighter weight, slimmer, performance orientated saddle whilst still enjoying the benefits of reduced perineal discomfort.


Perhaps you're worried about rising PSA levels or you've just recovered from prostate problems and your physician has advised you against protracted time spent on a bicycle. Don't worry: whilst the RIDO R2 might be the model to opt for initially, the RLt will get you safely riding again whilst retaining the performance capabilities you so crave!

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