Special Edition LtX Full Carbon

If you’re a fan of our Lt saddle, you’ll love this one!
Introducing our special edition 'LtX' saddle - individually finely crafted from carbon fibre and weighing in at just 115g.

This saddle offers all the benefits of the RLt and more. At half the weight of the already lightweight RLt, it's quite simply the ultimate in no frills performance enhancement and comfort capability..... and, moreover, it looks sensational.
It's an audaciously thin, almost sensual form, designed to more than complement today's top-end, state-of-the-art, full-carbon, road, TT and track-racing machines. This is seriously "special edition". Owners will be one of an exclusive club. What's more, you'll never need another saddle.... for your best bike at least!
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Series LtX ultimate all-carbon special edition
Series LtX ultimate all-carbon special editionIn stock
(£161.25 excl. UK VAT - where applicable Checkout auto-deducts UK VAT once delivery address/country is confirmed). The LtX in matt-finish carbon fibre with carbon fibre rails. Comes in its own...
Price: £193.50
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