The 'R2'


A new cycling freedom beckons

Where perineal (crotch) pain and discomfort were once serious and restrictive problem issues for countless numbers of cyclists, both men and women RIDO owners are now enjoying the uninhibited freedom of being able to ride as far and as long as their legs and fitness level will take them.
Cycling enthusists' sports saddle with unique 'pressure-shift' comfort properties
The shape of conventional saddles (with or without centre grooves, channels, recesses etc) leave you with no option other than to take the downward force of your bodyweight on your perineum. With the RIDO R2, specifically designed to give both lift (and thereby pressure relief on the perineal area) and variations in the impact zone between rider and saddle, you have the choice as to how much pressure, if any, you want to bear down on that sensitive area of your anatomy simply by slightly adjusting the saddle's angle of tilt.

In essence it's the degree of contact you're having with the nose that is the key. The RIDO saddle's nose is in fact only (a) a means of effectively steering your bike at speed (something to lean against with your inner thigh as you turn - which you can't do with those strange looking noseless saddles) and (b) a device for keeping you on the saddle. It's not for taking your weight..... unless you want it to!

On top of this, the R2's patented design has the effect of reducing strain or pressure on the base of the spine, subtly inducing the increased use of your core muscles. This has shown to alleviate discomfort associated with lower back and coccyx problems for men and women who prior to discovering the R2 were unable to pursue their love of cycling.

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