Hear all about the RIDO saddle straight from the designer.

"The proven performance benefits of RIDO saddles are based upon a sound design logic I have long stood by ever since I sculpted the first RIDO sports/leisure saddle for myself many years ago.

That is to say:-

(i) If you want comfort, you need a degree of lift off the perineum, an available array of rider-saddle contact points and good location on the saddle. Saddle shape is the key. Cycling comfort has nothing to do with the amount of foam cushioning.

(ii) If you want more speed cycling in an aggressive aero position then you need a shape of saddle conducive to that position, which the customary 'flat isosceles triangle with a nose extension' simply isn't. What gives you the necessary positive location on the saddle as you pedal down hard? What is there to push against? A saddle needs to be more than just a rest or support; it needs to be an integral part of the cycling function."
John Kenney, November 2011
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