PCF special edition R2


Men's health and riding a bicycle for protracted periods has long since been a 'delicate' issue and one that, whilst having been the subject of increasing study over recent years, has been the raison d'être behind our designs since our original model nearly ten years ago. When men's cycling enjoyment is no longer restricted by perineal (crotch) pain and discomfort and they're free to ride as far and as long as their legs and fitness level will take them, then we've achieved what we've always set out to accomplish.

And it's with this mission in mind that we're proud to add our support to the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) with our special edition R2 saddle. Based in the United States, PCF is the world's leading philanthropic organization funding and accelerating prostate cancer research. PCF has raised more than $615 million to provide funding to more than 2,000 research programs at nearly 200 cancer centres and universities worldwide.

Strikingly finished in the trademark blue and white and available at exactly the same retail price as the existing black and 'country tan' models, every one of these saddles sold will directly generate a worthy donation to the foundation of UK£5-00 (about US$7-60 at today's exchange rate).

So here's an opportunity to rejuvenate your cycling enjoyment and at the same time, like us announce your support for the PCF's invaluable work. The PCF special edition RIDO R2 saddle is available to order directly from our website, www.rido-cyclesaddles.com, and for those in South-East Asia there's www.dahonpro.com based in Singapore.

Please feel free to email us with any of your questions or for more information and advice: info@rido-cyclesaddles.com

Happy cycling!


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R2 Prostate Cancer Foundation special edition
R2 Prostate Cancer Foundation special editionIn stock
(£35.42 excl. UK VAT) Each saddle purchased generates a £5-00 (about $7.60) donation direct to the Prostate Cancer Foundation , the leading philanthropic organization funding and...
Price: £42.50
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"I had prostate cancer surgery in January. Was cleared to ride at the end of April. Purchased an R2 last fall when problems started and have been riding it over the past two months. Only riding about 20 miles at a time. I enjoy the R2 and feel that it keeps the perineal area off the saddle.  When I get on a conventional saddle it feels like stuff is getting smushed."