The 'Lt' series


RIDO comfort design principles now deliver improved performance cycling

In essence it’s the patented design, or more accurately topography, of the RIDO saddle that is the key to its now extensively proven pressure shifting properties (Pressure Shift Geometry TM). It’s unique sculpture not only provides the necessary lift to reduce perineal discomfort but it also offers a variety of rider-saddle contact points, for we all have to move around and adjust ourselves when sitting in one place for extended periods of time.

It is these two crucial elements which go to create RIDO’s more comfortable cycling experience. The distance you can cycle is no longer limited by your saddle pain endurance threshold. Suddenly it becomes just a matter of your fitness and leg strength!


For the RLt this 'RIDO principle' has been stylishly fashioned into a firm, slim, elegant performance road saddle of almost half the weight of its more leisurely counterpart, the wider and softer R2. It's not a replacement for the R2. It's designed for a different type of cycling and for a different type of cyclist, namely aero-position, performance road racing, time trialling and track cycling.

- Medial lift and thereby pressure relief on the perineal area;
- Variations in th rider-saddle impact zone for overall comfort;
- Enhanced on-the-saddle-location and power delivery to the pedals.

Relative to the R2, the RLt is very firm, but this is necessary in order to reduce loss of energy when cycling and to maintain the shape under the most strenuous conditions. The curvature of the saddle is designed not only to always give you the necessary lift and variation in rider-saddle contact spots as you ride but to also provide superb location enabling more power delivery to the pedals: a boon to any serious cyclist, especially up those inclines. Without realising you will subconsciously soon get used to riding on the RLt and then suddenly discover the unusual lack of recovery period from soreness (and numbness) after your rides...... and then you'll discover that you covered your usual ride a bit quicker but with the same effort input.


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