Women's reviews

"I can't say how much I have appreciated how good this saddle is"

"Hi, I have  just ordered a black Rido saddle for my husband. I have been using a Rido saddle for the past 18 months and after the benefit of such a great saddle I am purchasing one for his bicycle.
My daughter ordered my Rido saddle from the UK when she moved over there.

"I can't say how much I have appreciated how good this saddle is. I converted my bicycle to electric assist and was struggling to have a comfortable ride because of a tailbone injury while a teenager.  When I found the Rido website and read the reviews I asked her to see if she could get me one, and always one to support a good cause she purchased the R2 white and blue Prostrate Cancer one for me.
Your service was amazing, it took less time for my saddle to arrive in New Zealand than it did for the saddle I was waiting for at a local bike shop.  So, of course, I cancelled the order from them when yours arrived.  It was great to be able to track the progress of my order as it came out from the UK.

"I just want to thank you again and look forward to the saddle arriving for my husband (he has a birthday coming up and I would like to surprise him with the R2 for that on 16 November). 
Kind regards"
Shary D, Atawhai, Nelson, New Zealand

"Hello, Just wanted to let you know that the saddle has been amazing.
I have 15cm ‘sit bones’, which is well outside the norm, and I thought that I’d never get a saddle that I could be comfortable with while on my cycle trainer.
Thanks to you I can now cycle in comfort."
Helen B, Evie, Orkney, UK

“How I found out about RIDO”

“I read a blog ("the secret life of a dirt diva" - (http://www.thesecretlifeofadirtdiva.com/2010/07/bikers-nodule-or-perineal-nodular.html) - by a female cyclist suffering from Perineal Nodular Induration which I unfortunately also suffer from. John from RIDO responded to the blog asking if she had tried their saddle which is designed to reduce perineal trauma.

“After reading the information on your web site I purchased an Lt saddle.  I have completed 3 rides on the Rido Lt so far and it is really great. The inflammation and pain is so much better, almost non-existent after rides!  I am going to order another Lt for my rain bike.  I shared your information with my physical therapist at Stanford and she and the staff are all very interested.  I will be bringing in my road bike, with the Rido Lt on it, to show them on Monday.

“I have already been spreading the word about Rido to all my cycling buddies here in the San Francisco Bay Area including the Stanford Women's Team coach, Dan Smith.  Any cyclist suffering from perineal issues should try your saddles.  I am a big fan!”
Marcia H, Redwood City, California, USA

"Love it!"

"Just a quick note about my saddle--I love it! I can't believe that I can ride pain-free even without padded shorts. Thanks so much!!"
Meg G., Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

"I cannot sing the praises of my R2 enough"

"Dear Rido, I absolutely LOVE my Rido R2 saddle.

In early 2014 I was preparing for a cross-continental bike pack tour. Along with a friend, the plan was to ride our bikes from our home in Fairbanks, Alaska to my childhood home in Denver, Colorado. A total of over 3,000 miles! I had chosen a Kona Sutra touring bike but during early training I was really struggling to find a saddle that worked for me. I tried a variety of saddles and found that they all put too much pressure on my genital area (I'm a woman) and I didn't feel as if my seat bones were holding their fare share of my weight!

I was researching nose-less saddles when I came across a mention of Rido. I was intrigued by the design that allowed for extra clearance in the front while also keeping the nose for additional control. From the minute I tried my new R2 saddle I was in love! My seat bones sat directly on the raised portion and there was plenty of room up front for my delicate parts. I also found I was much less sore after an 80 mile ride.

I cannot sing the praises of my R2 enough. It never gave me any trouble on my long tour and I've been using it ever since. I recently bought two new R2s. One for my commuter bike and one for my boyfriends mountain bike. My boyfriend also really appreciated no longer having so much discomfort on his genitals. I recommend Rido to every cyclist who is having problems finding a saddle!

The Rido company shipped my saddles promptly (all the way to Alaska!) for a reasonable fee. Its been 3 years and my original saddle is still in perfect condition. I also really appreciated that the R2 is modestly priced. I know many bike tourists swear by Brooks leather saddles, but those are crazy expensive and still wouldn't solve the crotch pressure issue. 

Thank you Rido for making my bike tour possible!  Here is a picture of us climbing over the last pass in Colorado!

Warm Regards,"
Patricia G, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA


"My tail bone was absolutely fine the whole time"

"Hello, I love the saddle!!!

I bought it in July I believe. From January of this year, I developed very painful coccyx pain, probably from my office work. Occupational therapy recommended a special tailbone cushion for me, so when I started to feel the pain when cycling, I thought there must be another kind of saddle I can get.  Yours is the only kind I could find, especially which was for leisure and commuting (rather than racing or ‘performance’) and that was just as suitable to women as to men.

On my old saddle, which was very old, riding had become very painful....I commuted about 8 miles each way to work about two or three days a week and towards the end on my way back, after a day at the office, it was very painful when I shifted position or got off.

The Rido has taken all that pain away. The first time I used it, it felt rather strange and I thought it was painful on my sit bones... but after I found a good position, it wasn’t at all. When using it, there is no pressure on my tailbone because there is nothing there under it. The pads under the sit bones are firm and keep me in a good position, and i’m very comfortable on it.

Soon after I got the saddle I rode, over three days, from Brighton to Oxford, by myself (which I’m very proud of). It’s my most epic cycle adventure so far and my tail bone was absolutely fine the whole time. I have been on other long day rides since then, mostly on road, and it’s been great.

I am very protective now over the saddle, and always tie a plastic bag over it, both to protect it from the elements and from the dreaded theft (!), as I have no indoor storage for my bike.

So, yeah, I’m very happy with it. It has been worth it and I’m glad I took the plunge. I’m on a pretty small budget so I wasn’t sure, but it has been worth it so that I’m not cringing in pain when doing something I love.

So, well done on a good product. Thanks,"
Liz A, Brighton, East Sussex, UK

"I LOVE the RIDO II....."
July 2016

"It's the best saddle I've ever used and have one on all my bicycles. I have two mountain bikes, a tourer bike and a road bike - a vintage Hetchins. Plus a Brompton for when I visit my daughter in Edinburgh, all fitted out with your RIDO II.

Reason why I went for RIDO II. I had a shed load of saddles, more than 20 types before someone somewhere recommended RIDO. After reading the website blurb, and spotting that these saddles were not expensive compared to many gathering dust and spider nests in my shed, I thought it was worth the gamble. This was a few years ago now. I purchased my first RIDO II in the late summer of 2011.

That same year, I cycled the epic Lands End to John O Groats, not on a RIDO, but on a 'shed' saddle. (It was a Brooks, one that had been recommended by many to me). To cut a long story short, the pain in my sitbones using the Brooks used to hit me at about the 40 mile mark, and I experienced painful 'electric shock' like pain down the back of my sit bone and into my leg. To the point of needing to stand up on the bicycle. I never ever managed to improve on this, which is useless if you want to cycle more than 40 miles! Something had to be done.

Since changing to the RIDO II.  I haven't looked back. I ride mountain biking here using the RIDO II on the Isle of Man, I tour long distances both in the UK and in Ireland, tours of 600+ miles. And I ride Audax with Audax UK, both on the Island  and in the UK, I can also now cycle up to 50 miles without the need for padded shorts! I instead simply wear my running leggings or capri's, saving my expensive cycling shorts for much longer rides.  The RIDO II saddle enables me to keep cycling, and to stay seated for hours at a stretch. 

In 2017, I have a place, and intend to cycle, the long Audax ride 'London - Edinburgh - London', in just 116 hours. Its a great challenge and one I start working towards this coming winter and beyond - wouldn't even consider it without the RIDO II.

I have been so smitten with the RIDO II that I have even posted one to America to be specially re-covered.  The only tiny weeny negative is its ugly looks.  This I can cope with on my mountain bikes and on my tourer for that matter but, as a bicycle snob, it really didn't suit my vintage framed Hetchins bike. So I spent a bit of money on the saddle to make it look extra stunning on the Hetchins and in my opinion it really does just that. See pics attached (below).

My recent purchase of yet another RIDO II was to post one off to America again to be covered, this time in black leather.  It is to be covered by Leh Carson who specialises in covering bicycle and motor bike seats should any one ask. I am currently waiting for Leh to return me another splendid leather covered RIDO II which is for my tourer, cos the bike snob in me insists on it. The leather has had no negative effects on comfort, just enhancing the look of the saddle and therefore the beauty in the bike beneath it.

I'm about to set off on Tuesday for an 800 mile tour on Ireland. Again riding my RIDO II. Hope you like the photographs. Keep up the great work with this saddle design. Many thanks"
Maryjane W, Baldrine, Isle of Man, UK

mjwatson2.jpg mjwatson3.jpg 


"I have had the (RIDO R2) saddle since last Friday....  Well.... ya aint getting it back! I am slim in the bum department, and find any hard surface uncomfortable to sit on. The surface of this saddle is ideal not too soft to cause pressure points loss of energy and not too hard that you get a whack in the nerve and bone department on every lump on the road.

"Firstly when the saddle arrived, I was surprised at its weight, lighter than the Brookes I currently use. I was sceptical of it at first. I have to be, I have tried at least 18 different saddles with the Brookes out on top, and now after 80 miles, even that saddle causes me pain. (Sit bone pain, physical sit bruising and swelling, as well as skin pinches and blisters)."


"Best test has been to ride into work on the RIDO 2, in jeans, dont bother with my usual Assos cycling shorts, that would tell me a lot about the saddle... And it did. Total comfort. I even sat hard as the bike took me over tramlines, rutted old potholes that I usually avoid as I worry about rim damage, but this was a test after all. 10/10.
Its great not to have to conform to the usual cycle clothes when cycling a 12 mile round trip each day.

Today, I cycled a 50 mile tootle.  Wearing cycle leggings this time.   It was great to be thinking about the day, the views and where my next Audax ride was to be, rather than cycling with one leg down on the pedal, and one cheek held aloft, as the bike juttered over lumpy roads and cattle grids. I am very impressed. So much so, that next weekend I have an Audax to do. If this saddle comes up trumphs again (expecting it will), I intend to order another 4. One for hubby, and one for each of my other bicycles.

There are always some negatives.... These are very much insignificant to the improvements made by the RIDO 2 saddle.
Namely: it's a bit ugly...  (sorry about that bit).
I wish the nose was shorter as it does rub a bit against my legs, but hoping that by dropping it a bit more, this may be reduced.
Frankly thats all I can say about the negatives, but boy who really cares about them anyway!

When I have completed my Audax next weekend, I intend to review this saddle on the cycle blog I write to. I will send you the link to it when its live.
SOOOOooooo pleased I took the plunge on this one!"
Maryjane W, Baldrine, Isle of Man, UK

"NO coccyx pain!!! Am amazed"

"Hi , I bought a Rido R2  this week in a panic as I did the 100 km ride night event this time last year but, even with training and trying several specialist saddles, it was a struggle with coccyx pain - ( I had fractured my coccyx years ago but recently came back to biking). I had signed up again this year but had no time for training and didn't want to pull out so thought would try the Rido after reading the reviews.

Came in two days, had one 14 mile ride, canal towpath. No probs and no time to take it out again until the 105 km ride on the night.
Saturday night NO coccyx pain!!!! Am amazed, and enjoyed the event so much more: legs loaded, arms and hands not sore. Such a difference from last year WITH training. Thank you so much. Back in love with my bike again.

Thank you for a great product and fast delivery !!!
Sue Armstrong, Indigo Rehab Physiotherapy Practice, Powys, Wales, UK


".... the saddle gives you a lot of freedom to shift about and perch on your sit bones allowing surrounding tissues to breathe and not go numb"


(I'm the one on the left)

"I cycled the 190 miles coast to coast in mid August this year with a friend. We are two ladies in our late fifties and wanted to do something for charity and experience a real challenge. We haven't really done any long distance cycling before - other than use our bikes very occasionally for a short bike ride or for going to the shops!

Late on in training I realised that I needed to upgrade my saddle. In fact I already had tried two saddles - both were gel types. One was generously proportioned and came with the bike which I have owned for 5 years. I felt that once seated I seemed to sit "in" the gel saddle rather than on it. This restricted movement greatly and led to numbness within a few minutes of riding. So despite looking comfortable and although the numbness hid the pain ... as soon as you dismounted it was a painful experience as the numbness started to immediately wear off. I had a similar experience with gel saddle number two ... one borrowed off a friend's Raleigh bike which she didn't use anymore.

There was a slight improvement - my derrière went numb after a longer distance - but only about 2 miles up the road! Still a painful experience! So I decided I needed something completely different ... certainly not a gel saddle.

I would be riding between 25 to 30 miles a day on the coast to coast which I was doing with a friend for our own personal charities. We got up to 40 miles a day in training but I had not tried to do two consecutive days because I needed to "recover" each time because of saddle soreness! So I was quite worried how I would fair on the charity ride itself. Day after day on the bike - not a prospect I was looking forward to I must say. I had resigned myself to tough it out and grit my teeth - all for a good cause.

Research on the Internet led me to your product and I was impressed by the reviews. I acquired one a few weeks before the event and tried it out in training. At first it felt different and a bit awkward. But when I realised that I could shift my weight in the saddle whenever I wanted to. It made a huge difference in the training and on the rode itself. It gave me a sense of freedom and control.

With regards to the event itself -climbing the Cumbrian hills the first day was a big culture shock , we were wiped out and exhausted and although I had a bit of a tender backside after day one I didn't dread getting on the bike the next day. The ride and my saddle experience got better and better over the next six days and I ended the journey with no saddle soreness! I think this is because the saddle gives you a lot of freedom to shift about and perch on your sit bones allowing surrounding tissues to breathe and not go numb. I particularly liked the "cut out" near the coccyx area as this meant I had no pressure there and I have had problems with this area in the past. I damaged it a few years ago when I cycled off a kerbstone and forgot to rise up in the saddle and it took such a long time to repair itself that I am very cautious about damaging it again.

So all in all a great experience from my RIDO saddle. Thank you very much!"
Carole C, Newark, Nottinghamshire, UK

Jill Marshall twitter.jpg @jillymar
"Huge thank you to the amazing people at @RIDOcycling for the answer to all my problems #whatcoccyxpain"
"@RIDOcycling certainly easing my return to cycling. That and my ebike!! #fatlassattheback"
"I shall be spreading the word. And the word is RIDO!"


"..... pain free in my coccyx area"

"Good afternoon lovely RIDO people!
I am very happy to say that the saddle you so kindly let my try seems to be doing the job! I'm looking forward to lots more cycling now and hopefully a bit of weight loss to go with it. Thanks again for all your help and fantastic service."
Jill M, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, UK

"@ThisGirlCanUK I may be a size 22 but with the help of @fatlassatback, @RIDOcycling and my pedal assist bike I had a marvellous day today"
   09:31 PM - 19 Jun 16


@ThisGirlCanUK celebrates the active women everywhere who are doing their thing no matter how they do it, how they look or even how sweaty they get. 

"We're big fans, having used your saddles for a year riding the length of the Americas in 2010!"
@VeloVixenUK (http://www.velovixen.com/contact_us/), Wheatley, Oxfordshire, UK

"I've learned a lot about coccyx pain and injuries over the last few years and am absolutely confident that it would provide complete pain relief for the vast majority of sufferers"

"I'm so glad I bought my RIDO R2! Finally, after a long period of being completely unable to do so due to coccyx pain, I've found something that enables me to get back out in the fresh air again. I had missed cycling desperately but every saddle I tried caused so much pain that it became a pointless exercise. Now I'm cycling all over Bristol, my home city, and into the countryside beyond. When I first got the saddle I thought it wouldn't work but after an email exchange with you I was able to make minute adjustments that allowed me to cycle without pain.

My coccyx problem is highly unusual and as a result I'm not 100% free of pain when cycling but I'm about as free as I'm likely to get. I've learned a lot about coccyx pain and injuries over the last few years and am absolutely confident that it would provide complete pain relief for the vast majority of sufferers. I am definitely a medical anomaly ! So, huge thanks to the RIDO. I think even if I didn't have a pain problem I'd use this saddle - it just makes so much more sense to sit on your tail bones rather than all the tissues and organs between them. Please can you design a RIDO for horses?! I'm still searching for a solution...!

Thanks so much for helping me fit my RIDO and giving me back my life on two wheels."
Rosie W, Montpelier, BRISTOL, Avon, UK

"RIDO saddles: anything else now feels like agony"

"I have these on all my bikes, hybrid, and MTB's. Absolutely brilliant, no discomfort at all even when doing long distances. Anything else now feels like agony. However the LT series was a bit narrow for me. R2 is perfect!"
"Recommend to a friend: Yes
Pros: everything mainly comfort
Cons: None"

How much you love it:   5star.jpg
Ease of use:  5star.jpg
Value for money:  5star.jpg
Functionality:  5star.jpg
By Jo Baber - 23rd May 2015 (ordered through SJS Cycles, Bridgwater, Someret)

"Cycling is just so enjoyable now, I will never go back to my old saddles..... never!"

"I bought the Rido R2 from you. I find it absolutely brilliant! I have a GIANT road bike which I bought last year, I had constant saddle discomfort/pain on the saddle which came with the bike. I then changed to the Selle Italia Damas saddle. I still had the same discomfort/pain. The pain I had was all coming from my sit bones after about 50km into the cycle. No amount of re-adjusting seemed to help me.

Then I changed to the Rido R2 - I had no sit bone pain at all. I got it in the post on the Monday, went for a quick cycle on the Tuesday (30km), it felt a little weird at first but you get used to it after 5 minutes. Then on the Saturday I did 170km (Ring of Kerry Charity cycle in Ireland), it was so comfortable and I had no pain at all. It was probably crazy to change saddles so close to the 170km cycle but I felt I had nothing to lose, I'd have been in discomfort/pain after 50km anyways. I am recommending this to all my friends, male and female. Cycling is just so enjoyable now, I will never go back to my old saddles..... never!"
Caroline B., Killorglin, Kerry, Ireland

"Comfort at last!"

"Hi, A friend lent me her Rido R2 to try out last week when we were on holiday on our tandem trike and I mentioned to her that I was suffering from saddle soreness. 
I was most impressed. It took precisely three miles to get used to, was wonderfully comfortable and I ordered one for my solo on my return home on Monday. Received it today – excellent delivery, thank you.
Just been for a 24 mile test ride with the R2 saddle on my solo bike which included a serious hill.  I hoped I would find the R2 as comfortable as I had on the tandem trike.  
After the first mile or two I did not give the saddle another thought, which to me is always the proof of how good an item is!  Comfort at last! Will be ordering again – possibly two more (one for the tandem and one for the tandem trike).
My question is: Is the touring saddle available in any colour apart from black in the UK?  The brown and cream one looks smart. (I notice that the sportier saddles are available here in black, white and yellow!  Not sure my ample female backside would be compatible with the sporty model though.)
Looking forward to your reply.
Liz B."
L.B, Thame, Oxfordshire, UK

"I feel I'm back cycling again, so thank you!"

“Hi John,
Great news! Just wanted to let you know that I completed a 2 day, 140 mile off (in total, 91miles yesterday) road canal ride from Northampton to London over some of the bumpiest ground ever, and all on the Rido R2 saddle! No numbness, nothing wrong at all with the front of the nose area and the only thing experienced was soreness around the cut of the leg - but simply due to the 30 degree temperature and terrain I would imagine.
The saddle got a few comments from the other 12 people I was with, but one may be ordering from you too! So glad I found your website and I feel I'm back cycling again, so thank you!"
Stephanie.R, West Hunsbury, Northampton, UK

"I ride a road bike an average of 5,000 miles per year.  This year was my first time trial; usually I just ride around with various groups for fun.
This was my second RIDO seat, at least the R2.  My first one was damaged when I forgot to strap my bike on the car rack (bike OK!).
I went through 4 or 5 seats being miserable, then found the RIDO and now my behind rarely gets sore.  I even tried the RLt and it was better than the others, but not as pain-free as the R2.
Thank you!!!!!
D.O'D (Ms), Covington, Louisianna, USA

"I would never use any other saddle and recommend it highly, particularly to anyone suffering with back pain"

“Since purchasing my Rido R2 saddle in earlier this year my cycling experience has improved 100 per cent.  I originally bought this saddle because of the promised comfort factor for the perinneal area and the difference the R2 makes in this respect is phenomenal. However, at the time, I was suffering from severe upper back and neck pain (caused by an injury sustained around a year earlier) which cycling was aggravating.

Right from the first ride using the saddle, the improvement was immediate. This was a real advantage as I was considering giving up cycling because it was so painful. Now I can ride pain free for as long as I like (or as long as my lungs and legs will keep up)! I would never use any other saddle and recommend it highly, particularly to anyone suffering with back pain.

My saddle is a real luxury after what I was used to, no back or neck pain and no chafing. Marvellous product – made the last 30 miles sheer pleasure (notwithstanding we were out riding in 30 degrees, mostly uphill thanks to husband Alan!"
Jackie S (Mrs), Marseillan, Languedoc, France

"Thank you so much for sending the other saddle. We have now completed the Lands End to John O Groats tandem cycle in 12 days, a total of 982 miles. I have to say a huge thank you to the inventors / suppliers of the RIDO saddle. Neither my husband or myself suffered any saddle soreness or any other discomfort cycling these 982 miles! Quite an achievement! We love RIDO!!
Please forward my thanks to everyone involved with the RIDO saddle."
S.B & M.B (Mr & Mrs), Mark, Somerset, UK

"I went back to my old saddle and then boy did I realise just how much better your saddles were!"

"I cycle to work (approx 8 miles each way) and was suffering with the usual sore bottom syndrome. My colleague Sam leant me her RIDO saddle which I tried for a week. I was not sure how much of a difference it was making until I went back to my old saddle and then boy did I realise just how much better your saddles were!

I have since recommended your site to my cycling friends and told them of my experiences: in fact since using my black Rido saddle I have not suffered with my troubles at all. I have told them that if there is ever any doubt about your saddles, they just need to resort back to their old one and they will fully appreciate the ergonimics of your design.
Keep up the good work!!!!"
L.N (Ms), Addlestone, Surrey, UK

"I have just completed the "End-to-End" (Land's End to John O'Groats) ride alone,unaided, and used a Rido saddle for the entire journey. I was very impressed and at the end of the day did not feel that I had been on the bike because of the saddle I was using. I did 974 mls in 21 days."
J.C(Ms), Norwich, Norfolk, UK

"We are using the two saddles bought on CTC Club Leisure Rides twice a week and we are very happy to report that they are very comfortable and a big improvement on the saddles we replaced. They are also attracting attention from other club members. Two very satisfied customers.!"
G & D.M (Mr & Mrs), Brixham, Devon, UK

"My wife has recently had our first baby and finds the saddle excellent! She could get out much sooner on the Rido"

"My wife has recently had our first baby and finds the saddle excellent! She could get out much sooner on the Rido than she would have been able to otherwise. She has been going out for short rides (between feeds!) since about six weeks after the birth, which was about as soon as she felt like trying. A quick test on her old saddle was not so enjoyable!"
A.B, Clitheroe, Lancashire, UK

"I am able to train much further and concentrate on pushing the pedals rather than fidgeting trying to get comfortable on the saddle"

"This saddle has been my saviour! I am a triathlete based in Colchester and I have had countless problems achieving a comfortable saddle (due to the pressure underneath) which has effected my ability to race and train to my full potential.

After seeing the advert for the Rido Saddle in the Cycling Weekly magazine I thought I'd give it a try. I couldn't believe the difference it has made. I am able to train much further and concentrate on pushing the pedals rather than fidgeting trying to get comfortable on the saddle. I have knocked over 2 mins off my PB for 10 miles (27.02 achieved on a sporting course) and have increased my training speed average to 19.3 mph for 25 miles.
I am now confidently looking forward to my first Olympic Distance Triathlon in Cambridge knowing my saddle wont rub, especially as you have to get on the bike with a soaking wet tri-suit on! I have already ordered another saddle for my winter training bike.

I would like to thank Rido for making cycling more enjoyable!"
M.v.L, (Triathlete - female), Wivenhoe, Essex

"I purchased the (Rido) saddle for my wife. She is a "casual" cyclist, but she is very happy with the saddle."
J.G, Macedon, Victoria, Australia, UK

"Have two Rido R2's on our tandem and so far have done 2-300 hundred miles on them. Captain very happy with experience - all the shortcomings of the original Rido have been addressed with great success. Stoker trying it out for the first time - I hated the original Rido (my husband used the original Ridos with a gel pad), but the Rido R2, so far, seems good. It is certainly relieving the centre pressure although my sit bones feel it rather hard (despite suspension seat post). I am sure I will adapt, although you could also consider an additional layer of gel on the pad for the wimps like me! (I would be your first customer and more than willing to road test!)
My husband also has 2 Rido R2's on his solo bikes and likes them there too!"
Mrs L.B, Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, UK

"It (Rido) is the most comfortable saddle I have tried!  A massive improvement and I just need to get over the firmness. I feel it will work brilliantly for me. Many Many thanks"
Mrs P.M, Huntingdon, Cambs, UK

"A lifesaver!"

"We’ve just finished our final day in Paris on the 350 mile ride. The saddle was great and I’ve bigged it up to many people!! I ... want to applaud the makers of the Rido saddle from the bottom of my heart and the heart of my bottom; a lifesaver!!"
H.D (Ms), Help for Heroes, Downton, Wiltshire, UK

"As promised, a pic of the saddle and my finisher's medal after this year's Ironman Switzerland, and one of me crossing the line just to prove I didn't pinch someone else's medal!!"
H.D (Ms), Downton, Wiltshire, UK


 "I am a female cyclist...... I have not had a minute's discomfort on the (RIDO) saddle"

"I am a female cyclist who commutes 40km per day to work and also goes cycle touring once or twice a year for a month at a time. It is difficult to find a comfortable saddle and this is compounded by a medical condition I have which is aggravated by any friction in this area. I have tried my fare share of so-called "female specific saddles" and have found them unremarkable. The only saddle that I have found comfortable is a Hamock Saddle,  a South African designed and manufactured female-specific saddle which looks a little like a uni-cycle saddle. As these aren't made any longer I was trying to "make it last" but it had started to fall apart and I had to start looking for a replacement - breaking a saddle cycling to work is one thing, but when cycle touring it's a deal breaker!"

"I spotted the Rido while trawling through pages of saddles on the SJS Website and it immediately made sense. The price is excellent - it encourages you to take the chance as it is affordable. Also, the write ups and reviews were great. I have not had a minute's discomfort on the saddle and I've been riding up to 270km per week. I have ordered a second for an upcoming cycle tour to New Zealand in November and can't wait to tour on it.
Thanks for an excellent product!"


"I ordered a second Rido saddle for cycle touring and wanted to make it a priority to send you some feedback. We spent 3 weeks cycling in New Zealand, much of that time on gravel surfaces of varying quality. In total we cycled aproximately 900km and I did not have one moment of discomfort on my new Rido saddle. The length of our days varied from 50-100km, with bikes fully loaded.
At the very least one would usually get some sort of pressure pain, however I did not experience anything of the sort which I had come to expect on other saddles I've toured on.
I am so happy to have found the perfect saddle! I think that when with all the variables in bicycle equipment the saddle makes the most difference and Rido offers a brilliant, high quality and affordable option. I recommend it to other cyclists - people would ride more if they were more comfortable. Thanks!"
J.S (Ms), Perth, Western Australia

"My wife loved the saddle and got her going (cycling) again."
K.S, Stoke Newington, London, UK

"Not only is the weight distribution more comfortable, the narrow nose eliminates friction on my inner thighs"

"I got my Rido saddle after a cycling accident in which I broke the inferior pubic ramus bones on both sides. (I also had a break in the iliac and in the superior pubic ramus on the right.) Anyway, when I was able to return to riding 5 weeks later, my old saddle put too much pressure on the lower breaks. So, the design of the Rido with its very narrow nose changed the weight bearing and was just what I needed.
I originally figured I'd go back to my old softer saddle when I could. WRONG! I have found the Rido to be extremely comfortable and have no intention of going back. Not only is the weight distribution more comfortable, the narrow nose eliminates friction on my inner thighs. The saddle has been looked at with curiosity by many cyclists in my riding club, but I would not be surprised if some of them become customers."       
(Ms)B.E, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

"Hi! I've been training for my first Ironman triathlon but have had issues with tailbone pain. I tried numerous saddles to no avail and then stumbled upon the RIDO saddle while reading an internet blog. I have been using it for over a month now and I'm pain free. Thanks!!!"
(Ms) S.W, Dearborn, Michigan, USA

"The big grin was instant"

"A thorough endorsement from a lady. This one in particular was sufferring almost unrideable lady problems on a previous saddle. I put the R2 on for her, straight after a ride when things were at their worst, and the big grin was instant. Did 7 hours the day after with no ill effects. Winner!"
S.M (Mrs), Cardiff, Wales, UK (http://1000milesofsmiles.blogspot.com/)

"For tailbone issues the Rido R2 saddle is the best of the many we have bought or borrowed"

"I became aware of the Rido saddle through a cycling acquaintance. He had some prostrate issues and thought that it might help with a tail bone issue that my wife had when we purchased a tandem. My wife had a tail bone injury many years ago and we've constantly looked for a saddle that would at least minimize the pressure put on the tail bone area.
So in June of 2010 we purchased one of the Rido 2 saddles. Both my wife and I tried it and to be honest could not get use to the shape. We shelved it for a month or two and tried other saddles. No other ones that we used helped so we went back the the Rido 2 and spent a lot of time adjusting and experimenting with saddle position. After much trial and error my wife gave it the green light as the best saddle to use for her particular tail bone problem.

Unfortunately for me I had a tailbone injury in January of this year and went through the same adjusting and experimenting with saddle position and tilt angle and have come to the same conclusion as my wife. For tailbone issues the Rido 2 saddle is the best of the many that we have bought or borrowed. As for riding type, my wife is relitively new to cycling. She has been doing long tours with me for the last 4 years. So our riding is based around touring and day trips for exercise. I've been riding for 40 years and in that time I've done at least a small multi-day tour every year. Again I'm a tourist and club rider with some errands thrown in as well.
My wife's distance cycled this year will be about 2,000 km with our longest trip a tour of the Danube which was just over 1,600 km. My distance stands at 4,700 km which included the 1,600 km Danube trip and a trip of the southern US which was just under 700 km.

My wife has a Bike Friday 'Crusoe'.  I have a Bike Friday 'Crusoe', a Devinci 'Caribou', and a single speed city bike. Plus wee both share a Bike Friday 'XL Tandem'. Currently all but one of these bikes are equiped with the Rido 2 saddle."
K.P, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada

"Can I say that I have one of your saddles on each of my bikes and they are brilliant. I ride with the Suffolk CTC group."
Ms. J.H, CTC Suffolk, UK

"Ridin’ on RIDO.... trust me, it will change your cycling experience"

"Leisure cyclists especially will agree on how this snazzy invention promises a more comfortable long-distance ride – trust me, it will change your cycling experience like it changed mine.
In short, it’s genius! Even Matt (my husband) has been so impressed by the absence of my complaining and I think that every cyclist, especially leisure cyclists, should get a RIDO. I totally and rather shamelessly endorse it for your physical safety and most importantly, your comfort."
(Read more on Andrea's blog)  http://cakeandcycles.wordpress.com/  
Andrea Tay , Singapore

"I am a middle aged woman, overweight and very poor cycle rider. But this saddle overcame all of that and lets me have an enjoyable ride. I recommend it to anyone who says (they) can't find a comfortable saddle."
M.R (Mrs), Bedford, UK

"The RIDO has stopped the saddle soreness completely and it was hard on the buttocks at first but my muscles seemed to adjust to that so it no longer hurts, although I have only pootled around town a couple of times.
Sadly being a larger lady I am struggling with wear and tear on my jeans. The RIDO being narrower than my ‘Plush’ saddle has helped but jeans still develop holes pretty quickly.  I am trying to work with leather patches but I need to take a leather patch to a dry cleaners to see if they will go through the machine ok, then I could have several pairs of jeans with leather patches sown in that are dry cleaned each month. If they can’t be dry cleaned then my cycling days are over.
I am feeling a bit despondent really but the RIDO has stopped the saddle soreness I was experiencing."
L.J (Ms), Taunton, Somerset, UK

"As soon as I took my first ride on the new saddle, I could feel the difference in terms of pressure shifting. I have since stopped wearing padded shorts."

"Dear Mr Kenney, Thank you so much for designing such a marvellous saddle - I am absoluted delighted with my Rido R2 and would not hesitate to recommend it to others who are struggling with seat comfort.
Previous to buying my Rido, I had had several years of tedious discomfort, and had tried out numerous saddles, none of which turned out to be satisfactory. I was becoming quite disillusioned with the seat problems.
Then, in desperation I did a google search for comfortable bike saddles, and came across your web site. I read the reviews and decided to order one. I thought the price was reasonable, and the saddle arrived by post the following day. I bravely followed the advice to try it straightaway on a longer run, and was immediately pleased with it. Since then I have not looked back. As soon as I took my first ride on the new saddle, I could feel the difference in terms of pressure shifting. I have since stopped wearing padded shorts.

"I am a leisure cyclist based in Suffolk, cycling up to 50 miles per day, on my Raleigh Royal touring bike. Thank you again, the saddle really is an excellent product."
C.M (Ms), Stowmarket, Suffolk, UK

"Very happy to recommend and will put it on Facebook"

"I am delighted with my R2 saddle.. I am new to biking and mid-life crisis, time to get outside comfort zone , help others saw me sign up for The David Livingstone Bi Centenary Bike Ride in Malawi run by EMMS charity for Mulanje Mission Hospital. Challenge is 250 miles over hilly terrain over 5 days in May2013.

"I honestly tried a few saddles and thought I was in trouble until trying the R2 which I honestly found just browsing the internet. Very happy to recommend and will put on Facebook. It will be travelling with me needless to say. A long way to go with winter training and fundraising but hopefully we will make a difference to the people of Malawi."
J.W (Mrs), Belfast, UK

"I have had this saddle for nearly three years, having been in despair thinking I would never find anything comfortable. I have a box full of barely used rejects in my garage. I had promised my husband that I would accompany him on his John O'Groats to Land's End ride in 2010 and saddle comfort was the one issue which would have scuppered the project. I don't think any bicycle saddle will ever feel like a comfy old sofa but the Rido 2 is by far the most comfortable."
J.H, Warwickshire (female!), UK

Rido R2 Saddle With Cro-Mo Rails
By Ginny - 15th July 2011

"What a relief! I'm a 41 year old woman and hadn't cycled for a few years. Decided to get fit and bought a bike....the saddle that came on it became soooo uncomfortable after two 15 mile excursions that I felt like I'd had a sex change with the bruising I experienced (maybe too much info but no exaggeration!) We Googled 'comfiest saddle in the world' and the RIDO came up....and it was a miracle....even with my previous wounds this was such a comfortable ride, (and) still is! I'd highly recommend it. My partner's got one and he's happy too! Brilliant!!"

Recommend to a friend: Yes
Pros: Blissful relief!
Cons: Haven't found any yet.....

Rido R2 Saddle (Female)
By Elaine Nottingham - 16th May 2011

"Bought this as I suffer from coccyx pain that greatly increases whilst cycling. Felt weird at first..felt I was tipping forward..you have to experiment to find the best seating position but once found I don't get that awful pain in coccyx!! Bit sore in the new pressure places when you get on the saddle the next day but soon goes..and no discomfort really after ride.. definitely takes time to get used to it but well worth persisting. I rode on a standard saddle the other day and was surprised that I found that one strange now!! I thought I would have to give up cycling...but not now!!! My husband has an arthritic hip and is a big cyclist. .this has made a lot of difference to him.. much less pain and no numbness anymore..he is liking it the more he uses it!"

Recommend to a friend: Yes
Pros: No coccyx pain!
Cons: getting used to it

Rido R2 Saddle Review
By Emma Gee - 27th April 2011

"Ordinary saddles give me one heck of a pain in the proverbial, so far this saddle has made that pain a thing of the past."

Recommend to a friend: Yes
Pros: No Pain!
Cons: None yet


"I am a woman, and have been using a Rido for two years. A bike crash left me with straddle fractures and a conventional saddle was impossible when I first returned to riding. My thoughts were to get a Rido, which was not too expensive to experiment with, and use it until I was healed enough to be comfortable on a regular saddle. But I have never wanted to go back! I never have any of even the pre-injury issues with the Rido. It doesn't look sleek and streamlined so a lot of people will dismiss it, but they are making a mistake."
'Metoga', RoadBikeReview member (http://forums.roadbikereview.com/components-wrenching/rido-saddle-better-mousetrap-31804.html)

"I've recently taking up biking. Lovin' it-- only thing I dislike is all the pressure on my groin area. Can you guys recommend some good seats?"

I'm a big fan of the Rido R2 (and their sportier RLt). Basically, it's designed so that your sit bones rest up on a little shelf which drops off to give your bits (lady bit or man bits) room to breathe.
I've put over 6000 miles on mine (including two tours from Houston to New Orleans), and I can say that it's easily the most comfortable saddle I've ever ridden.
Nerdlinger: A cooler bike than yours 1 point 9 months ago (http://www.reddit.com/r/bicycling/comments/vwx7p/ive_recently_taking_up_biking_lovin_it_only_thing/)

"Please can I buy the (R2) saddle that has been sent out on loan to me. Although it is much firmer to sit on than my old saddle, it is much more comfortable. I ride a dutch bike which I have set in a very upright position to keep weight off my shoulders and am aware I look like a strange Victorian. (Which bothers my children a lot more than it does me). The saddle I took off was massive and padded and looked infinitely more comfortable than the Rido, but this was not the case.
It would appear that the saddle that was sent to me was new, so presumably I can just pay the extra to cover the cost. If you let me know if this is ok I will get it organised.
Many thanks,
Ms. S.E, Dereham, Norfolk, UK

"I feel stronger on the bike, more balanced on the ( RLt ) saddle, but somehow perched lightly atop it, as well"

"Hello.  I just received my wonderful Rido Lt saddle.  I have to say that it arrived extremely fast.  I didn't expect to see it for another week to ten days!  I felt like a kid at Christmas opening the package.
I am a 58 year old woman in California who has spent about $500 on several high end saddles, trying to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING that would enable me to ride the five to six hour rides I enjoy.  While I haven't tried that yet, my first experience down the street and back is that this is THE saddle for me.  I feel stronger on the bike, more balanced on the saddle, but somehow perched lightly atop it, as well.  Best first impression on a saddle ever.
To other women I would say the the Rido Lt is the one for you if you ride a road bike and spend long hours in it.  I wasn't sure which one to order, but this saddle is nowhere near as hard as I had expected and it has some great flex between the two back sections.  It also looks sleek and doesn't stick out as being a giant saddle on a sleek road bike.
Normally, the high end saddles I have tried have not only dug into my sit bones but managed to ram themselves into unimaginably uncomfortable spots.  The way I dealt with this was to lift myself off the saddle over and over during the ride and then ended up feeling the "ghost" of the pain in my sit bones all the time that I'm not on my bike.
I'm looking forward to a long ride and, if you will permit, will send a more detailed review after that long ride.
Many thanks for the super quick delivery and the hope that it really is possible to have a happy posterior during and after my bike ride.
Best wishes."
Francesca C, Novato, California, USA

"I can't thank you enough for inventing this saddle! I have recommended it to my physiotherapist who has recommended it to her other patients!"

"Hi, I don't normally respond to these sorts of things but I have been very impressed with the Rido R2 saddle:
I suffer from bad coccyx pain and I was going to have to give up cycling as a method of commuting to work (it is about an 8 mile round trip) before I discovered your saddle online. It has made a huge difference and meant I have been able to carry on cycling, which keeps me fit and ahead of the traffic. I can't thank you enough for inventing this saddle! I have recommended it to my physiotherapist who has recommended it to her other patients!"
Emma L, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK

"They seem to be good for both sexes"

"I love the Rido saddle. I sit straighter and my weight is taken by my seat bones so there is less pressure on my soft tissues. It has taken a long time to find the right saddle. My husband had one first, then I got one too. They seem to be good for both sexes.
I am very pleased with it. Thank you."
Joyce B, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK

"My wife completed this (24 miles) with no pain around the coccyx"

"My wife has had problems with her coccyx since slipping down stairs over 35 years ago. Saw your product while googling coccyx problems.
Likes to ride her bike but has serious pain after a short ride. Only been out twice this year and only for a short ride.
Went on the Taunton to Bridgewater canal tow path yesterday, around 24 miles. Admittedly it was flat with no hard pushing hills, but my wife completed this with no pain around the coccyx.
She had a gel saddle prior to the Rido.
At the moment the saddle seems to be doing the trick. Will try again soon with a more hilly ride, not hard living in east devon!
May even consider one for myself at a later stage."
A.S, Axminster, Devon, UK

mary_garden.jpg twitter.jpg
Mary Garden @marygarden

(1) "Maori rock carvings en route to Duntroon. At this point Ricard was chanting "my poor bum". Mine OK @RIDOcyclesaddle (http://twicsy.com/u/marygarden)"
(2) "Bum problems bicycle saddles. So glad I took @RIDOcycling when I went on Remote Outback Tour. Not riding any bike without @RIDOcycling"
(3) "One of the owners Remote Outback Cycle Tour borrowed my bike for few hrs & said it was most comfortable saddle she'd ever tried."
Beerwah, Queensland, Australia


"So pretty, thank you!"
Joanne C, Benfleet, Essex, UK

"I love, love, love their saddles....."

"We told you this afternoon that our daughter cycles Abingdon to Oxford (or most of the way) and told us about Rido. I have just emailed her to say we met with you this afternoon (in Marseillan, France). She has replied: 'Weird meeting the RIDO people! How did that come about?! I love, love, love their saddles and don't think I could cycle to work without it.'" Tim & Mary H, Glastonbury, Somerset, UK
"I have purchased 2 Rido saddles, one for my road bike and mtb. Best thing I ever did. Went from pain threshold 9 out of 10, to 2 out of 10. Look forward to going out biking where as before i did not."
Sharon W., Chepstow, Monmouthshire, UK


"I couldn't live without it"

"Hello, I recently  (3/4 months ago) bought your R2 saddle as I suffer with coccyx pain while cycling. It got so bad that I was about to give up as I couldn't cope with the pain. I was so lucky to find you on Google as your saddle is amazing took a little while to get used to, but now I couldn't live without it. Not only I am cycling every day but I have just completed a 100km charity bike ride and was on the bike for 7 hours with a few stops and I'm not in pain!!! I am not your average skinny cyclist but your saddle has given me a new lease of life. I can't thank you all enough and please never stop making them. I have told my back surgeon who is a cyclist how amazing your saddle is as I'm just so happy I can enjoy my cycling without taking pain killers. Thank you so much, Kind Regards"
Katie McF, Bordon, Hampshire, UK

"Hi John, my wife uses the R2 and finds it the most comfortable saddle she has used, she rides a Giant performance hybrid for recreational riding."
P.G, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Tyne and Wear, UK