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What the cycling doctors have said........ and they should know!

"...annoying numbness..... completely disappeared"

"I've got to say I'm really pleased with both my RIDO RLt saddles! I'd been getting some annoying numbness following longer rides on my road bike and this has completely disappeared since switching saddles.
I was so happy with the comfort and feel of the saddle that I bought a 2nd one for my commuter (pictured)."
Dr M.W (Consultant Paediatric Urologist/Paed Surg, Hon.Snr. Lecturer), Bristol, Avon, UK

rido-pearson-drmw.jpg rido-pearson-drmw2.jpg

"I did a 65Km test ride with a friend and swapped bikes half way round for a short section – WOW, he was on a Prologo – I think a Navo, I was very pleased to swap back. By comparison it felt like I was riding a razorblade!!!"

"A few months ago at work we had an update from one of the local urologists – Mr Chris Lewis – who brought along a very startling statistic that 50% of men under-50 years of age coming into the urology clinic with perineal pain (the area between the anus and penis) are cyclists… that’s potentially a significant proportion of his work load. Then, probably because I was aware of it, I came across several young patients at the practice with perineal and prostate issues, which seemed to be irritated by cycling. The issue for me though, was that I wasn’t able to confidently recommend, from a medical perspective, any particular saddles or solutions – just saying “Dont bike for 6 months” didnt really seem to cut it either!"

"RIDO have looked at specifically producing a saddle for people who may already have issues, or problems down below, and then worked backwards from there to give the R2 saddle.

"Using the saddle is initially a bit of an odd experience. You feel quite high initially, which results in a little tweaking. But it is so comfortable. The only way of comparing it is like sitting on a sofa – possibly as it also feels very wide. By keeping the nose, you retain good cornering control over the bike – I’ve had lots of conversations before with people saying that they feel like they are falling off noseless saddles like the Adamo. You certainly feel in a different position on the bike.

"I did a 65Km test ride with a friend and swapped bikes half way round for a short section – WOW, he was on a Prologo – I think a Navo, I was very pleased to swap back. By comparison it felt like I was riding a razorblade!!!
Riding the bike attached to the turbo, you dont move around as much as when outdoors. Because of that very fixed position for long periods of time, I have previously noticed some discomfort. After tweaking the Rido 2 position again, I can say it was a very comfortable (Zwift) ride. No numbness at all."

READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT: http://www.titaniumgeek.com/gear-reviews/rido-r2-saddle-review-saddle-protection-for-your-perineum/
James A. Gill M.D, doctors.org.uk and 'The Titanium Geek'

Dr James Gill is a medical doctor in the UK who last year set up a sports/medicine/technology blog following a cycling accident. As the blog has grown over the last year, it broke 80,000 monthly hits in January 2016. Dr Gill believes that one of the reasons behind this growth in readership is likely to be the honest nature of the reviews, combined with relevant medical health information articles.
Prior to writing this article he had seen a few cyclists and patients with prostatitis and had been asked if he could recommend any changes.

Follow up:
"I’d be grateful to keep the R2 saddle. But not for personal use. I’d like to keep it at the GP practice in Wellesbourne, then if I get appropriate patients, I’d be able to lend the saddle out to them.
If you are happy with that, do you have a small collection 5-10 Rido business cards I could use with it? I ask as I think that it would probably look better as a package if I’m using it that way.
This is one of the reasons I try to do reviews on the site. I don't like when patients ask me about kit, things like scales or BP cuffs for example, which I dont have any experience with. By trying out several types, I feel I can legitimately direct people to a product which I have a positive opinion about.
Many thanks"
James Gill

"As a nephrologist (kidney specialist) I treat a lot of patients with perineal pain and problems relating to cycling.
I have just seen your ad for this saddle and would like some info on whether its been tested on men with a history of prostatitis and perineal pain. Please let me know."
Dr G.B, Nephrologist and Clinical Director, Winelands Kidney and Dialysis Centre, Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa
"We have many customers who after having had to give up on cycling as a result of prostatitis and perineal pain have been able to get back on their bikes thanks to the pressure-shift properties of the RIDO R2 saddle. No formal laboratory tests.... just testimonies from people who have had their cycling lives transformed."
John Kenney, Designer of RIDO cycle saddles, Rido Sport Ltd., Suffolk, England
"Wow thanks for the very prompt reply. I have contacted your local supplier here in South Africa who have also been very helpful. Will keep you updated once I have a saddle and prescribed it accordingly. Thanks again."
Dr G.B, Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa
Three months later:
"Had a very positive report back from my patient.
Great saddle.
Will certainly advise it again."
Dr G.B, Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa

"I’ve been delighted, so much so that I ordered a further 2 saddles"

"After suffering a particular debilitating attack of acute prostatitis I googled ‘prostatitis and cycling’ and was delighted to read about your R2 saddle that had been developed in conjunction with the Prostatitis
(sic) Foundation for just such people as myself.  I therefore ordered one for my Kinesis to see if it worked, the saddle arrived within 2 days and I set about testing it out with slight adjustments after each ride until I found a comfortable position.  I’ve been delighted, so much so that I ordered a further 2 saddles for my Casati and Cerevelo bikes (delivery was again within 2 days of the order being placed). All bikes are now kitted out and I am once again able to enjoy 50+ mile rides with my friends. Thank You!"
 Dr P.J.T, Middlewich, Cheshire, UK

"Road bike user....occasional weekend rider with an annual Alpine/Pyreneen trip to train for and occasional sportive.
The (RLt) look is fabulous and goes nicely with my white handlebar tape! The encouragement the saddle gives you to stay on your sitbones is great and allows a lot more pressure on to the pedals.....sitbones get sore after a while but this is entirely remediable by more riding and loss of body weight.....previous saddles have been penury no matter how light I was or how much I cycled....definitely the way ahead.
Thanks for saving my hobby!"
Dr J.D, Auchterrarder, Perthshire, Scotland, UK

Dr T.B, Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK
Orthopaedic surgeon, age 43, and regularly competes in regional triathlon events
See what he says here about the R2 (video):

"I have never really managed to locate the perfect saddle. I persisted with my Brooks and because of the heavy duty price I tried to convince myself (and others) it was the definitive seat for my beautiful Ridgeback Grand Voyage. And yet it plagued me on long distance rides. Moving on onto a gel saddle helped marginally, but not a lot more. They are either too wide for my backside or too narrow… Lots of research later led me to your web site. Read through al the material and took the plunge and not a very expensive one either. The space-age looking Rido R2 arrived and I was still really quite sceptical about whether it would ease the pain of riding. To be frank, it is far from a soft sofa-like experience but it does really work! The pressure focuses on two neat areas of by backside and ignores my perineum completely. Quite, quite remarkable! I am wrestling with the physics bit to work out how it exactly works but I am quite convinced it does. Now have to purchase another for my Brompton. Thanks a lot."
Dr Jonathan Koffman, Palliative Care, London, UK

"Used your Rido on the tandem so far. The other is on a winter training bike I'm in the process of building up. So far very comfortable. Have also ridden a friend's MTB with one fitted. It was this experience that persuaded me to buy the saddle in the first place!"
Dr A.T, Bodfari, Denbighshire, UK

"Much to my surprise, I found the seat to be immediately comfortable, and to have gotten even more comfortable since. I typically ride alone and spend a lot of time laid out on my tri-bars or “in the drops,” and I find the seat works well whether I am sitting up on the hoods or folded flat to the wind. I have not had any perineal pressure or genital numbness, something I had grown used to for years..... I am very, very impressed with your product. I think this seat will be equally comfortable for men and women, and has proven very effective at becoming both immediately and progressively more comfortable."
Dr L.C, Austin, Texas, USA (MD, FACEP, FAAEM / Medical Director, Austin Surgical Hospital) 

"The rationale of perching on the sit-bones to save crushing the delicate structures of the perineal area seemed so obvious I couldn't believe that isn't what all saddle makers are aiming for; and the Y-shape looked like it would take pressure off the tail-bone too (bit like coccyx-cushions which have a cut-away at the rear).
It works!! The tail-bone is much better and the other more 'standard' saddle problems cured also."
Dr R.W, Northampton, Northants, UK

"On my old saddle, a gel racing saddle, I used to be very numb and uncomfortable after about 30 mins! With the RIDO I am able to ride the whole distance (2-3 hours) with no numbness and with more overall comfort.
The real test for me, though, was after stopping for a rest. I find I can get back on the bike and it feels like I haven't been riding at all!"
Dr G.O'B, North Avoca, New South Wales, Australia

"Saint John,... thanks for the miracle! I can now enjoy riding longer distances again thanks to the Rido.
Absolutely no pain at all. I can even dispense with those uncomfortable padded bike shorts... the Rido is enough."
Dr W.C, Kani-shi, Gifu-ken, Japan

"The Rido saddle is really working. I bought one for myself and now three more: one for bike No.2, one for the girlfriend and one for the flatmate. We are all very pleased."
Dr R.K, Gwalchmai, Anglesey, UK 

"I’ve been very impressed with the Rido saddle since I bought it in April. I must have spent close to £400 on saddles in the past, and have never found one which doesn’t cause any numbness – until now!"
Dr S.D, Norcote, Gloucestershire, UK

"I noticed that when I cycled longer distances, over 1 hour, then I would develop severe numbness due to too much pressure on the perineum.
Your saddle has certainly solved that problem!"
Dr R.B, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

"I have to say I like it! By taking most of the body's weight on the ischial tuberosities (you'll know what they are, I'm sure) pressure in the perineum is definitely relieved."
Dr M.R, Point Pleasant, London, UK

"After receiving my Rido saddle I was a little bit afraid by the design, but after a trial…..I am fan now!"
Dr A.J, Epinay Sous Senart, France

"I started cycling again (after a layoff of some 30 years) a few months ago. I’d bought a new bike but found that after a few days I suffered from coccygeal pain. As a result, I had to lay off cycling for about two weeks, during which time I bought the Rido saddle.
I am pleased to say that the saddle is the most comfortable l I’ve ever had, and there has been no recurrence of my spinal pain! My eternal thanks to you – I thought I’d have to pack cycling in for good."
H.D.R.M (Dr), Cardiff, S.Glamorgan, UK

"I purchased first one, then a second, of your saddles several years ago when I was about to give up commuting to work. They saved the day and I have not looked back since. Perineal pain is a thing of the past."
Dr L.J, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

"A friend has an older model on his mtb... a spec fsr comp.
He's a surgical nurse and has done long rides like the hut-to-hut multi-day from Colorado to Utah.
He swears by it and he specifically got it for male groin issues.
Next time we ride, I'm going to try his bike out to see how the saddle feels for me."
wsmac / http://forums.mtbr.com/general-discussion/saddle-help-man-nuts-please-839246-2.html

"I’ve been delighted, so much so that I ordered a further 2 saddles"

"After suffering a particular debilitating attack of acute prostatitis I googled ‘prostatitis and cycling’ and was delighted to read about your R2 saddle that had been developed in conjunction with the Prostatitis Foundation for just such people as myself.  I therefore ordered one for my Kinesis to see if it worked, the saddle arrived within 2 days and I set about testing it out with slight adjustments after each ride until I found a comfortable position.  I’ve been delighted, so much so that I ordered a further 2 saddles for my Casati and Cerevelo bikes (delivery was again within 2 days of the order being placed). All bikes are now kitted out and I am once again able to enjoy 50+ mile rides with my friends.
 Thank You!"
 Dr P.J.T, Middlewich, Cheshire, UK

..... and a couple for the doctors

PSA data, cycling and the R2 saddle

"I can provide charted data if needed but I thought I’d start with a brief line or two. I have been dealing with elevated PSA levels for a few years. I have always been convinced this was due to cycling as I experienced serious discomfort whenever I rode. The doctors were dismissive and unhelpful. Then I discovered Rido. I purchased an R2 in 2010 for my commuter bike. I liked it and could tell it would be comfortable on longer rides. This year I decided to conduct my own little experiment. I rode only my commuter bike with the R2 for the 30 days prior to taking the PSA blood test 3 weeks ago. The results, while not conclusive, are dramatic. My PSA dropped from 5 to 2.8. I took a back up test last week and it had dropped another tenth to 2.7. I plan to provide this data in charted form to my doctor and I will insist it be considered as a part of any further treatment.
I just purchased an R2 for my touring bike.
Thanks for a great product!"
J.R.M, Chandler, Arizona, USA

Follow up email received 5th March 2013
"I did see my doctor today and he was startled by the reduction in my PSA score. He wondered if I was taking some new medication which might explain it. At that point I showed him the charted data and also the Rido information I had downloaded from your site. He seemed interested and said he was anxious to read about Rido….he is a cyclist. So we can only hope we have laid the groundwork to help others. He has taken me off the 6 month schedule and I won’t see him again for 1 year."

Follow up email received 16th May 2013:
"About time to get another PSA test and I will be passing the results on to you. Still going great on my R2’s…I’ve never been comfortable on a bike and’ if I’m honest, never enjoyed riding until I got going with these saddles. I can ride until I’m tired now instead of riding until the pain became unbearable."

Follow-up email received 21st May 2013:
"As hoped, my latest PSA results confirm the R2 has lowered my PSA score. Miles ridden increased yet the PSA score continues to trend downward. But I want to also emphasize, I have never been comfortable on a bike until now. The R2 has made bike riding the joyous activity it should be for everyone. My bike feels solid under me and I now look forward to every ride. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks for all you do, Ron"

Colon cancer survivor: post surgery

"Dear RIDO,

I am a colon cancer survivor who has been through 10 major and 5 minor surgeries over the past 6 years. Twice I almost did not make it through.

I have had a colostomy for over a year. Last January I spent 28 days in Providence Portland Medical Center (Portland, OR.) and had 2 major surgeries and 9 additional operating room procedures, including the removal of my rectum. They also took my gracillus muscle from my right leg and re-directed it up into my abdomen to try to stop a recurring abscess that would not heal due to my radiation treatment 6 years ago.

My friends tell me that my bike riding and my skiing are what have gotten me through these difficult times. Bicycling in particular has been my route back to good health after each surgery. I have skied for 45 years and spent 12 years on the National Ski Patrol. I love long distance riding and used to participate in the annual MS150 ride out here. As an employee of Providence Health & Services, I know how important it is to support those in need and facing critical health issues. I now realize that more than ever.

In February I told my lead surgeon that I had signed up to race in the Pacific Crest Olympic Distance Triathlon in Sun River, OR. on June 30th. He told me it was not a realistic goal and that I should rethink it. In May he changed his mind and gave me his approval. I finished the race! 29 miles on the road bike and 6.2 miles running! Attached is a picture of me crossing the finish line. I am going to do more of those, that's for sure! It was a blast!

I did a ton of research to figure out how I could get back on my bike given the January surgeries. The last thing I needed was more complications or another surgery. You can imagine why my surgery in particular was screaming for your saddle. I found it by searching for bicycle seats designed for prostate cancer patients. I ended up purchasing your saddle and a Selle. I returned the Selle and bought a second Rido! I can honestly say that I would NOT have even been riding the bike on June 30th, much less completing the 29 mile bike portion of the race in 1 hr 50 min without a Rido saddle. It was nothing short of amazing. I say thank you to Rido every single day. And I mean that sincerely. I also share your website, because it has a wealth of useful information, with friends, coworkers, acquaintances, anyone I know or meet who rides a bike. Everyone can benefit from a Rido.

By the way -  I am thinking about getting the Providence Cancer Center to be a sponsor of some of my exploits going forward. Definitely some more duathlons, and I am thinking of organizing a fundraising bike ride for the Cancer Center that would be a Portland (we are a big bike town!) to Mt. Hood (Government Camp or Timberline Lodge) ride, perhaps in September. August is out because I need more ride time and I have a best friend racing in Iron Man Canada at the end of August. I am on her support team.

So don't be surprised if I come asking if you would be one of my sponsors. I am not talking professional athlete sponsorship, maybe a cycling jersey with RIDO on it, some way to talk about my journey, cancer and what it means to all of us, and about the role RIDO played in getting me back into the race. Of course I believe so strongly in your product I will be talking about it anyway.

I was featured in my company newsletter twice during my fight with cancer complications, with a distribution to 17,000 employees in Oregon.  Of course if there were any interest I am happy to share those articles, my resume, references, etc. as I know the importance of character. I can send the articles anyway (pdf), perhaps they would be of interest. If you would just like to use me as a customer testimonial, that is perfectly fine too. 

Your loyal customer,
D.K, Portland, Oregon, USA



Follow up email received:
"I've also attached a picture of two of my bikes with their Rido saddles. The red one is my racing bike. It is a Scattante Carbon Fiber. You folks should be really proud of your product, and your efforts are definitely worthwhile! It is so much more than a “product.” It provides people like me with hope, and with the ability to continue doing the things we really love. Last weekend I did two rides totaling 80 miles, and usually ride 3 or 4 evenings after work. I am getting out there a lot now, thanks to Rido!"

"An absolutely amazing product which has enabled me to keep cycling when I was told cycling would be out of the question"

"Hi just contacting you as I would love to know how I leave a testimonial on your site. About 2 months before Christmas I was suffering with seriously bad coccyx pain. The pain was so bad cycling was out of the question and just sitting down on a chair was painful. 4 months later and the pain was still there. After seeing numerous doctors and specialists I was just getting told to stop cycling.

Unwilling to accept this I started looking for alternative saddles. Went down to my local bike shop and tried quite a few test saddles. While some made the pain better it was still unbearable after 20/30 miles. I went on Google and searched for 'saddles for coccyx pain' and came across your site. Alot of emphasis on rido saddles on your site was to prevent pain in the perineal and crotch pain which wasn't a problem for me but a few reviews said they also helped with coccyx pain so I was willing to give it a go.

This saddle has now enabled me to start cycling properly again. I have no coccyx pain whatsoever when cycling. I completed a 60 mile cycle 2 weeks ago and a 80 mile cycle 1 week ago. An absolutely amazing product which has enabled me to keep cycling when I was told cycling would be out of the question if I didn't want to be in pain. I would love you to post this review on your site so others suffering with the same problem as me can also try this saddle as I was told coccyx pain is very common among cyclists, so the more people tour product can help the better.

Many thanks from one very happy customer."
Mark.R, Swansea, West Glamorgan, UK

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