Trade Accounts opportunity


Trade Accounts available. No stock holding obligation to begin with.

Dear Retailer,
RIDO cycle saddles are finally going “high street”. The brand has a great name for product-promise delivery, manufacturing quality and diligent customer support; we have countless thousands of ‘converts’ both in the UK and across Europe, South-East Asia, Australia and the USA; social media presence is building apace; and we now need to deal more effectively with the daily enquiries we receive from cyclists wanting to see and buy our products first-hand, locally.
With this in mind, would you consider a no-obligation Trade (web) Account with us so that whenever anyone comes into your store wanting one of our saddles you can supply them and earn yourself a nice margin (just over 40%) for your trouble without even holding any stock? On becoming a Trade Account holder you will be listed in a dedicated, geographically-ordered directory of suppliers on our very popular website, which will in turn automatically drive enquiries to your store. You will also be referred to in our social media postings (Twitter / Facebook) as a source of our great saddles, and referred to in our periodical web-press articles and online magazine submissions.
Of course, should you later wish, you can elect to hold some stock for immediate sale to your customers (rather than your customers having to wait a couple of days for delivery) which will save you postage costs, but for now our Trade Account system will give you the chance to start slowly and commitment-free to see how things go.
All you have to do to start things off is to (i) drop us an introductory email with a link to your website (which you've probably already done in order to get to this page) and then (ii) order 1 x R2 and 1 x RLt saddle from our standard online consumer shop (these will be your ‘show saddles’ – click:, ensuring that the shop/business name and address of your store is given as the delivery address, including email address and landline phone number.
We will then:
(i)    dispatch you your order within two business days;
(ii)   convert your Consumer Account to a  Trade Account via which you will be placing all subsequent orders at our well discounted trade prices via the Trade ordering link in the grey section at the bottom of our webpage.
(iii)  send you a quantity of free-issue product information leaflets for handing out to your customers;
That’s pretty much all there is to it. We hope you will enrol and start to benefit from a new, growing income stream, risk-free! And if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask:
Yours sincerely,

John Kenney
Director and Founder

RIDO cycle saddles
Rido Sport Ltd., Suffolk, England
Twitter: @RIDOcyclesaddle